Keys to Successful Teaching

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

It takes more than a well-planned lesson for learning to happen. Even in schools with all the best equipment and the latest technology, the school climate and students’ sense of feeling connected to others in the building has been shown to be even more important to the likelihood that they will be successful there. These factors also play a significant role in not only school success, but also in a student’s vulnerability to a wide range of risk factors.

This presentation will address the importance and impact of school climate and connectedness, and will also offer dozens of practical strategies for establishing both at any grade level and in any school environment, including individual classrooms. We’ll explore various dimensions of school climate (social, emotional, academic, behavioral, instructional) as well as the policies, practices, and priorities that affect the quality of a school’s climate and the likelihood of students feeling safe and connected there.

For all educators, counselors, and other school personnel at all grade levels; parents welcome.

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