Preventing Substance Abuse and Other Addictive and Destructive Behaviors

Presentation for educators or parents by Dr. Jane Bluestein

All the catchy slogans, informational posters, warnings and after-school specials in the world typically do not address the basic needs that can make drug use (and all mood-altering substances and behaviors) so attractive to kids.

This program looks at the allure of these choices, issues such as persuasion, peer pressure, and people-pleasing, and the kind of adult-child relationships that don’t put kids at risk.

We’ll examine what makes an effective drug-education program, and why so many have failed. The program offers specific strategies that address kids’ needs for power, structure, limits, safety, dignity, and success (among others), as well as how to accommodate these needs within the structure of a win-win authority relationship. Other topics include safety, power and approval, changing interaction dynamics (at home or at school), building on-going support programs, and why “pushing” prevention is so much more effective than reacting to a problem.

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