Keeping the Focus You Want!

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Have you ever made a commitment to be more positive in your relationship with your children, only to have your good intentions unravel the second you trip over the soccer gear on the steps?

Increasing positivity in your approach to parenting can reduce stress and conflict in your relationship with your kids, and can also make it easier to generate commitment, cooperation and accountability from them. Nonetheless, learned behaviors, cultural norms and the simple demands of daily life can make it hard to maintain a positive focus.

This workshop will look at some common negative patterns in our interactions and will present a variety of positive alternatives. Whether you wish to motivate your kids to do something, stop and correct inappropriate or otherwise negative behavior, or even reinforce them for a job well done, there’s a good chance we’ll find a more positive way to do it!

Topics include simple, effective strategies for changing threats to promises, improving the quality of feedback we give, and for building interactions that accomplish positive goals without the usual threats, yelling or criticism.

Also available as a presentation for educators. See “Positively Positive at School!

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