How to Avoid Ineffective Classroom Management Practices!

Presentation for educators by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Of all the issues concerning teachers, discipline generally tops the list. All our preparation, enthusiasm and instructional expertise won’t get us much without the cooperation and attention of our students.

This program examines the most common mistakes teachers make—many of them familiar from our training and upbringing. Not only are these strategies proven ineffective and emotionally costly, but they can actually make behavior problems worse.

Here are practical ways to reduce stress and opposition, turn defensiveness and negative attitudes around, increase engagement, and generate commitment and cooperation. We’ll look at a preventative, win-win approach to discipline with techniques that minimize conflict and maximize student cooperation, self-control and on-task behavior, strategies to help us avoid the pitfalls of outdated patterns that can compromise the learning environment. 

So whether you’re at the start of your career or at the end of your rope, this workshop is guaranteed to help!

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