How to Draw the Line

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Need some great ideas for motivating cooperation, building accountability and self-management, and reducing conflict with the young people in your life? Here are simple, practical ways to truly take advantage of kids’ natural desire for greater freedom and power, along with their basic need for structure and safety!

This program focuses on how you can set, express, and maintain boundaries— which are an essential part of any healthy relationships— to create a win-win authority relationship, make your limits clear, and let the kids know which options are available for meeting their own needs.

We’ll explore effective ways to use boundary-setting to avoid conflicts, encourage responsibility and self-management, resolve problems, prevent pointless and frustrating, no-win power struggles, build commitment and initiative, and establish a foundation of mutual trust, consideration and respect.

Similar to “You Can’t Make Me!”, this program is applicable to any grownup living or working with kids, and can be adapted specifically for parents, educators, or other grownups in kids’ lifes. The strategies apply to all children (any age), and are particularly effective with children at risk. A similar program for parents of teenagers is also available.

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