Special workshop for beginning teachers, returning teachers, and preservice teachers

Presentation for educators by Dr. Jane Bluestein

A special presentation for new teachers that focuses on management and discipline issues, which can often overwhelm a newcomer to the profession (or someone who has been away for a long time).

For example, we’ll look at ways to create win-win authority relationships in order to minimize off-task, disruptive, or passive student behavior, and to motivate cooperation and involvement instead. We’ll also examine techniques for effectively managing routines, transitions, directions, record keeping, the learning environment, and instruction in various formats, for differentiating instruction to reach a wide range of student learning styles and abilities, as well as strategies for building support, for maintaining morale, enthusiasm and commitment, and for becoming an integral and effective part of any school community.

The goal of this program is to give new teachers the skills and confidence to not only perform effectively in their new careers, but also to enjoy their work—and stay in the profession!

This program is similar to “Being a Successful Teacher” with the needs of the new teacher in mind.

Participants will learn to:

  • Establish win-win authority relationships with students to reduce power-struggles, opposition, and indifference
  • Improve classroom management, routines, and transitions
  • Examine traditional approaches to discipline and classroom management that often create more problems than they solve (and discover more effective alternatives)
  • Build relationships with colleagues, administrators, mentors, and parents
  • Develop simple, practical, and positive strategies for motivating student cooperation, commitment, and accountability
  • Improve record keeping and documentation
  • Increase student success to minimize behavior problems that often emerge when kids believe they cannot be successful in school
  • Improve engagement and time on task by accommodating kids’ cognitive, physiological, and neurological needs
  • Improve school climate to minimize behavior problems based in social and emotional conflict (including reducing negative student interactions and bullying)

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