Is Your School an Emotionally Safe Place?

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Emotional safety is critical to learning and achievement, and a key component of an atmosphere that discourages passivity, aggression or acting out for revenge or self-protection.

This program examines the effect of threat and stress on the brain, and its impact on learning and student behavior. We’ll look at the kinds of behaviors kids (and adults) often use to create safety and how these behaviors sometimes interfere with learning and achievement.

We’ll also examine how various policies and practices can impact the emotional climate of a classroom or school, and address relationship and safety issues with regard to instruction, motivation and discipline. The program also offers dozens of practical and effective alternatives to build a positive school culture and maximize achievement, commitment and cooperation.

Topics include discipline and power issues, accommodating a wide range of academic abilities and learner preferences, preventing failure, encouragement and positivity, improving the social culture and dealing with mistakes and misbehavior.

Participants will identify specific behaviors they wish to adopt to use to build a climate of emotional safety in their classrooms and schools.

Alternate title: Is your Classroom an Emotionally Safe Place?

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