Attacking Problems, Not People!

Presentation for educators by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of squabbles between your students? Do peers try to draw you into their conflicts? Are aggressive parents or uncooperative colleagues a presence in your life? If so, the energy devoted to these conflicts is having an effect on your teaching, your morale, and your mental health!

Here are effective, practical ways to prevent and resolve conflicts with everyone in your professional life! We’ll explore strategies for dealing with conflicts with students, parents, and peers, plus techniques for building respect and a sense of community, helping others solve problems and take care of themselves in peaceful and mutually-respectful ways.

Topics include boundaries and problem ownership, stress and defensiveness, expectations and assumptions, student self-management, interpersonal dynamics and patterns that affect the school climate, building a positive social culture, dealing with biases and bullying, building emotonal intelligence, strengthening alliances with parents, and techniques for creating win-win solutions.

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