Eliminating Stress-Producing Obstacles

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

How to keep good relationships from going bad— and turning challenging relationships around! We’ll examine common obstacles in relationships, including expectations and power issues, many common responses to someone in crisis, and differences in personal styles for learning, explaining, perceiving, and understanding.

We’ll look at ways to avoid setting up these roadblocks to meaningful connecting and communications, develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for differences—as well as a variety of strategies for accommodating them—plus some positive, practical and effective alternatives to non-supportive, conflict-producing patterns in our interactions with others. Additionally, we’ll learn how to set and maintain boundaries to build trust, cooperation and mutual respect, and take care of ourselves in the process.

Topics include win-win strategies for boundary-setting and follow-through, power issues, assumptions and expectations, helping vs. enabling, all-or-nothing thinking, alternatives to making others wrong, and using feelings as weapons.

Similar to the program “Are Your Colleagues Driving you Crazy?” with an emphasis on personal relationships.

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