From Basic to Black-Belt Self-Care Techniques

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Do you have a tendency to say yes when you want to say no? Is follow-through a challenge? Do you find yourself asking for excuses or giving warnings? Do you sometimes feel taken for granted? If you do, you are not alone. 

This presentation offers tips and hints for taking care of yourself in relationships with everyone— from your kids to your boss (and even in-laws)! We’ll examine the difference between self-care and selfishness, and the healthy, functional middle-ground between being a doormat and being a bully. Participants will walk away with practical examples of win-win language, strategies, and attitude that allow for self-caring choices while still considering, respecting, and often accommodating the needs of others.

This program is especially valuable for adult children of alcoholics or others who grew up in a dysfunctional or abusive environment, as well as those simply wanting to improve the quality of their interactions with colleagues, children, and other family members. Valuable skills for business, work, and personal relationships.

© 2012, Dr. Jane Bluestein

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