Support for Kids in Crisis

Presentation for educators and parents by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Stress in a child’s life can have a huge impact on learning, attention, achievement, and behavior. Whether a problem at home, a recent loss or family trauma, abuse, neglect, academic pressure, or social strains and problems with peers, this program looks at our role in supporting the young people in our lives, and the specific strategies we can employ to help.

Constructive, supportive ways to help kids deal with their feelings and problems! Learn to distinguish between feelings and behaviors, avoid non-supportive responses (such as criticizing, minimizing, distracting, challenging, denying, rescuing, shaming, blaming or advising) which compromise trust and shut down communication. We’ll also examine the importance of listening and what that really looks like.

We’ll cover simple, effective strategies to help provide a safe emotional environment in which kids can get their needs met for attention and validation, learn to manage their feelings and experiences in emotionally intelligent ways, and resolve conflicts nondisruptively.

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