Building Bridges with Difficult People in Your Life

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Different brains work in different ways, and individual preferences and styles can create stress and conflict in even the best relationships.

In this program, we’ll explore the major causes of stress in relationships, and how we can inadvertently create roadblocks—even when we’re trying to help. We’ll look at some common patterns in our interactions, along with assumptions and expectations, that can actually add to conflict, rather than preventing it, and behaviors that can compound problems we might truly wish to solve.

We’ll look at ways to understand, accommodate, and even appreciate differences in how others may receive and process information.We’ll explore how good boundaries and follow-through can help prevent power issues and misunderstandings.

We’ll also learn ways deal with colleagues in crisis, to listen, reflect, and support others without assuming responsibility for their problems, taking on their feelings or getting in the middle of their conflicts, with strategies that won’t leave you feeling resentful and exhausted or create additional problems for others or yourself.

This program focuses on professional relationships though it’s guaranteed to have an impact on personal relationships as well.

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