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Dr. Jane BluesteinWe have recently updated the photos stored on this website’s server. If a low-resolution photo will do, simply right-click on the image to the left and save it to your hard drive.

If you need a high-resolution photo of Dr. Bluestein for your event promotion or article, please contact our office and a copy will be emailed to you. File is 2681 px. x 3152 px., 3.4 MB.

We also have a horizontal version of this photo in high- and low- resolution if you prefer: Low-res file is 1663 px. x 1215 px., 41 kb; High-res file is 5040 px. x 3683 px., 7.5 MB.

You can also call 505-323-9044 to request the type of image you need.

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