A World of Thanks… to our Translators and Helpers!

heart-shaped globe 1There is no way this project could have gotten off the ground without the individuals who graciously offered their help with the translations. In each case I sought the talents of native speakers and asked for a translation that would best reflect the way a particular phrase might be said in their language or used in their culture.

So it is with great gratitude that we acknowledge the following individuals who did the translations on the following templates:

Afrikaans: Liesel Teversham

AlbanianDonika Vardhami

Arabic: Amna Abdullah Hamad Al-Sharqi

Armenian (Western) and Armenian (Eastern):
Mrs. Salpy Tekkelian and Mr. Raffi Hagopian (Ferrahian High School)

Bosnian: Boro Banjac

Bulgarian: Strahil Iliev Valev

ChaldeanMargaret Shamoun

Chinese: Ariel Lim

Croatian: Sandra Pokos

Dutch: Linda van Polen

Estonian: Monika Veisson

Finnish: Tuija Fagerlund

French: Hélène Boudreau, with editorial assistance from
L’Office de la qualité et de la responsabilité en éducation (OQRE)

German: Jochen Wolters

Greek: Vicky Simou

Hawaiian: Michelle Kahoohanohano

Hebrew: Eyal Grobak

Hindi: Jayanta Banerjee

Hungarian: Szilvia Gaspar

IcelandicIngibjörg Elín Jónasdóttir

Italian: Michele Guidani, Sabrina Marshall, Piero Mattarelli, Kristin DiStefano

Japanese (kanji) and Japanese (phonetic): Mikiko (Miki) Yamazaki Longshore

Korean: Saheon Lee

Latin: Piero Mattarelli

Latvian: Valda Birznieks

Malay: Noraini Padilla

Norwegian: Kjell Bratbergsengen

Polish: Siostra Antonina Gadacz, CSFN; Siostra Noemi Tereszkiewicz, CSFN

Portuguese: Ariane Nogueira Xavier

Romanian: John Pasui

Russian: Alexandra Dalton

Serbian (Latin) and Serbian (Cyrillic): Sandra Pokos

Slovene: Elvira Medved

Spanish: Ino Sowder

Tagalog (Filipino): Victor Allan C. Ilagan

Turkish: Nil Gün

Ukrainian: Olga Voitovich Schmell

Vietamese: Bao Le

Welsh: Beti Wyn Holcomb

Yiddish: Goldie Block

Special Thanks

Many of the translators are personal friends of mine, or at least people I have met at one time or another. Special thanks to the following individuals who helped me connect with the other translators who graciously helped out on this project: Eric Chong, Judy Ferguson, Margaret Fler, Suzanne Goodison, Susannah Grover, Dayle Hanta, Dena Jayson, Seta Khajarian, Derrick Longshore, Hanoch McCarty, Nancy Miller, Lidia Pasui, Ana Ramirez, Elizabeth Roman, Reed Schmell, Linda Sorenson, Sheryl Sweet, Leni Tanaka, and Rene Yamafuji.

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© 2012, Dr. Jane Bluestein

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