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The first two MacMania cruises coincided and in certain instances, overlapped with, a Star Trek Cruise.

Highlights include hearing John de Lancie speak about his experience on Star Trek and opening up for questions which, given the group we were with, were more about whether he had upgraded to OSX yet. (An extremely nice guy, very accessible and real, he actually let me use his laptop to get online when mine wouldn’t work.)

Wil Wheaton spoke in a few of the on-board Mac seminars, talking about blogging (a term I had only barely heard before) and also introducing me to Cafe Press (I’ve had some back-burner projects for them since).

Two of my favorite pictures from these two cruises:

John de Lancie and Jane Bluestein, MacMania Geek Cruise, Alaska, 2002
Me with John de Lancie, Glacier Bay, Alaska, MacMania Geek Cruise, 2002
Dr. Jane Bluestein with various Star Trek cast members
On a Hawaiian MacMania Geek Cruise in 2003, I got to sit in (front, center) for a photo op with some of the cast on board for a simultaneous Trek cruise.

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