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Spectrum Podcasts audio linkEpisode Summary: Vital information about the relationship between movement and literacy, and the importance of meeting the body’s needs for all learning. Dr. Aili Pogust addresses the necessity of incorporating movement and accommodating differences in learning needs into the classroom. This program offers practical ideas for introducing simple, non-disruptive exercises throughout the course of a lesson, as well as compelling reasons for accommodating the neurological, biological, and developmental needs of students of all ages. Right-click on this link to download a copy of this mp3 file to your hard drive, or click on the bar below to listen.


Program Notes: Click here for a PDF handout with information and a list of resources related to this topic.

Click here for an article by Dr. Pogust on this site: “Literacy: What’s Movement Got to Do With It?”

Dr. Aili Pogust on Spectrum PodcastsDr. Aili Pogust

Web site: pogustgroup.com
Email: pogust@verizon.net

Dr. Aili Pogust has worked as a public school teacher, a K-12 supervisor, and a college instructor. She has received over 350 hours of literacy training, is a certified certified Brain Gym® Consultant, as well as a certified coach with over 1200 hours of coaching experience. In addition to consulting, training, and coaching, Dr. Pogust  maintains a private practice for children and adults where she effectively applies the methods developed by the International Educational Kinesiology Foundation which are used today throughout 80 countries. She is the author of Communicating with Clarity: A Pocket Guide for Humans.

This program was recorded on December 27, 2011. The content is also available on the Energize Students Web site.

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