Leaving my laptop at home… on purpose

This will be a first! I leave tomorrow morning for eleven days in France (taking my mom to visit my sister) and I decided that I’m not taking my laptop with me.

Of course I will have my iPhone, iPod, and iPad… a bit of duplication with the iPod, but hey, it’s really little. So I will be able to read books, listen to music, browse Web sites, use GPS, and answer email. BUT, and this is kind of big in the context of the past few weeks, I will not be able to post to this blog or work on the site. (Note: This post was written when the site was still being maintained in Dreamweaver, before converting to WordPress, which would have allowed updates from anywhere I could have gotten online.)

Just as well… In the past few days, I have surrendered the development of the layout of this site to Tom Todd who, I understand, has created more than 200 WordPress sites using this “Thesis theme” I’m using.

While I’m told that I can build pages even before the page template (or skin or theme or I don’t know what it’s called) is finished, I feel like I need to (once again) step away from the computer and give my head a little time and space to breathe. Besides, I suspect the next few days won’t leave much time for work.

That said, I am taking along a 40-page printout listing the 600+ active pages on this site. Why? Because apparently the way WordPress works is with something called categories and apparently they are different from tags and keywords.

So I need to brainstorm a manageable (?) list of words to assign to the posts (not pages, mind you…) that will comprise the new site.

This break is starting to look pretty good right now!

I am concerned about not having a computer along for the ride, but mostly because in the time I’ve owned a portable computer, I’ve just never done that, even for vacations that were not geek-related. So we’ll see how this works out. (Watch for Facebook posts in the meantime…)

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