Leaving a Comment on this Site

Netiquette spoken here

Dr. Bluestein looks forward to hearing from site visitors and welcomes feedback about any errors, dead links, or site content.

She offers the option to submit comments with a request for common courtesy, and that they are consistent with the tone and intention of this site. 

All comments are monitored and may be edited for typos, clarity, spelling, or grammar prior to publication. 

The following will not be included on this site:

  • mean, biased, or otherwise hateful language
  • comments that do not relate to the content of the post (or site)
  • advertisements 
  • contact information or URL of person posting the comment

Dr. Bluestein sees every comment submitted and will answer those suggesting related content as well as challenging questions about what appears on the site. Please leave accurate contact information as some comments will require additional information or verification before they appear here.

Many Thanks.

PS. If you’re not sure what constitutes “Net Etiquette,” click here for a straight-forward online list of “core rules.” And if you’re not sure about the mission or intention of this site, click here for more information. You are also welcome to correspond with me privately via email.



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