Interview questions: Parents, Teens and Boundaries

Possible interview questions for Dr. Jane Bluestein:

 • What do you mean by boundaries? Why are they important in relationships?

• What keeps us from setting boundaries in our relationships?

• What does a good boundary sound like?

• Your book doesn’t really address questions like “What do I do if my kid breaks curfew?” or “What do I do when she ‘mouths off’ me?” Instead, you focus on 20 relationship-building techniques. Why is that?

• Most parents want their kids to be responsible and, especially during the teen years, resistant to peer pressure. Yet you say that many of the things we say and do to kids make them even more susceptible to pleasing their peers? What do you mean by that?

• You talk about unconditional love and acceptance? Don’t you think most parents already love and accept their children unconditionally? And don’t kids often do things that just aren’t loveable or acceptable?

• You recommend treating your children respectfully. Isn’t that a switch from what we grew up with?

• Why should I have to motivate my kid or accommodate his needs?

• Why would you negotiate with a teenager?

• Why do promises work better than threats?

• You take a strong stand on holding kids accountable for their own behavior? Is this the same as punishment? What do you mean?

• You recommend letting kids have their feelings. Can you elaborate?

• You also recommend letting kids figure out how to solve their own problems, especially instead of giving advice? What if they make a bad choice?

• If I empower my kids, will that undermine my authority?

• What do you mean by “separating” and “letting go”? Why are those important?

• Aren’t some of the things you’re recommending the same as “giving in” to your kid?

• It sounds like people have to start being a little more conscious of what they say when they talk to their kids. What do you recommend?

• What do you tell parents who have severely damaged relationships with their kids? What about parents whose kids are in a great deal of trouble? Is there hope?

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