Interview questions: Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor

Possible interview questions for Dr. Jane Bluestein:

• Why did you write a book about teachers making a difference?

• What was the most gratifying part of doing a project like this?

• Great title. Who’s Mrs. MacGregor?

• I know a lot of people have had some pretty rotten teachers. Did anyone have a hard time thinking of a mentor who made a difference in a positive way?

• You really emphasize the positive experiences people had with teachers and other adults. Why?

• What are some characteristics of a good mentor?

• Can anyone be a mentor? Aren’t parents and grandparents mentors, too?

• What if you need a mentor yourself? What should you look for?

• Were you surprised at how clearly people could recall their experiences with their mentors? What did that teach you?

• Teachers spend a lot of time with kids and don’t often see the impact they are having on them. What do you have to say to them?

• What advice do you have for people who work (and live) with kids, based on what you learned from doing this book?

• I understand that this book is quickly becoming THE gift for mentors and teachers. Does this surprise you?

• Can you give an example of a teacher using the mentoring skill of:

• Unconditional acceptance?

• Encouragement and inspiration?

• Expanding your reality (and your picture of who you are)?

• Maintaining high standards?

• How could this book help a teacher or a parent?

• I suspect you’ve had more than a few terrific mentors. Who are some of your favorites?

Feel free to ask about any other issues related to teaching or education, or about any of Dr. Bluestein’s resources included on this site.

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