Interview questions: Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

Possible interview questions for Dr. Jane Bluestein:

• How can taking a few minutes out to appreciate various aspects of our lives, our relationships, and ourselves impact our mental and physical health?

• We always hear we “should” be grateful for this and that. Why is gratitude important? (And why is it important to not tell people how they should feel?)

• Your book starts with some very basic challenges, like being grateful for our car and furniture? Why did you include such obvious “stuff” in your list?

• What other dimensions of our lives do you encourage people to examine in a positive light?

• Is it necessary to progress through the book from front to back, or can someone skip around?

• Why did you include exercises as well as space for people to write or draw?

• You mention appreciation for others. Don’t you think people already appreciate their partners, spouses, friends, parents, neighbors, and kids?

• If someone does progress through the book from start to finish, the chapters become increasingly difficult. Why is that?

• How can someone find a silver lining in the middle of a crisis?

• How can readers use this book to create their own meaningful gratitude practice?

Feel free to ask about any of the specific sections, quotes, or activities, or about any of Dr. Bluestein’s resources included on this site.

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