Interview questions: High School’s Not Forever

Possible interview questions.

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• Why did you write this book?

• How are the realities of high school different from when you were in high school?

• Some adults have complained that there are a lot of negative stories in your book? What do you say to them?

• What’s wrong with telling kids that high school is the best time of their lives?

• Why are you saying high school’s not forever?

• Who’s the intended audience for this book?

• How do you see this book helping?

• Your contributors represent quite a diverse population. Where did they come from?

• What did you learn in researching this book?

• What surprised you as authors?

• How can schools use this book?

• This book covers a wide range of topics. What are kids struggling with today?

• Unlike many other books, this book does not just present the problems. It offers resources, advice and room for the readers to work out their own solutions for a given issue, topic or situation. How would you like kids to use this book?

• How can parents use this book to improve their relationships with their teenagers?

• What can educators learn from reading this book?

• What do you say to kids who are having a hard time in high school? What can they do to make the time more productive and less painful?

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