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Spectrum Podcasts audio linkEpisode Summary: Making homework work! Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Susan Fitzell about the value of practicing developing skills at home to anchor new learning in working memory and how emphasizing quality over quantity can make a big difference in a child’s ability to retain work covered in class. They discuss the value of play and movement, giving kids a break from sitting and studying; allowing for family time, social needs, or job responsibilities; and differentiating or adapting assignments according to learning needs, modality preferences, environmental requirements (lighting, seating, etc.) or temperament (including whether kids learn better getting homework out of the way, taking a break before starting in on the assignments, or spreading it out over the evening).

They also address “less-is-more” solutions for teachers and offer parents suggestions for supporting their children and, if necessary, approaching teachers to adapt assignments to their children’s learning needs. Right-click on this link to download a copy of this mp3 file to your hard drive, or click on the bar below to listen.

Program Notes: Included is a PDF handout with information and a list of resources related to this topic.

Susan Fitzell on Ending the Homework WarsSusan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP

Web sites:,
Twitter: @thehomeworkguru
Facebook: TheHomeworkGuru
LinkedIn: SusanFitzell
YouTube: SusanFitzell
Susan’s books and products:
Telephone: 603-625-6087

Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP, specializes in transforming teaching from whole class instruction, which teaches to the middle, to instruction that structures and enhances lessons to reach every student, whether gifted or struggling. She is a dynamic, nationally recognized presenter, author of nine books for teachers and parents, and an educational consultant. Susan speaks from experience in the classroom! Her work focuses on building caring school communities and helping students and teachers succeed in the inclusive classroom.

This program was recorded on August 22, 2012. The content is also available on the Energize Students Web site.

© 2012, Dr. Jane Bluestein, Father Sky Media.

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