Dr. Jane Bluestein in Singapore


  • Singapore: Academy of Principals, open enrollment full-day seminars for teachers. (10, 13, 15)
  • Singapore: Academy of Singapore Teachers, full-day training. (13, 15)
  • Singapore: Association of Muslim Professionals, Training for Parents, Counselors and Parent Educators. (98)
  • Singapore: Institute of Technical Education, full-day training for educators. (15)
  • Singapore: International Confederation of Principals Conference, plenary keynote. (09)
  • Singapore: Manjusri Secondary School, full-day staff training. (10)
  • Singapore: North View Primary School, full-day training for primary teachers. (15)
  • Singapore: Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, full-day training. (13)
  • Singapore: St. Anthony’s Canossian School cluster, full-day staff training. (10)
  • Singapore: Woodgrove Primary School, half-day training on differentiated instruction. (15)

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