Dr. Jane Bluestein in New York


  • Albany: Institute for Educational Development Seminar. (00)
  • Albany: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 03, 05, 07, 08)
  • Brewster: Green Chimneys School, full day training. (08, 14)
  • Brooklyn: Sephardic Community Center (93)
  • Buffalo: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 03, 05, 07)
  • Buffalo: New York State Education Department Opportunities Collaborative. (19)
  • Buffalo: West Buffalo Charter School. (15, 16)
  • Fishkill: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 08)
  • Geneva: Geneva City Schools, opening day keynote. (05)
  • Goshen: Orange-Ulster BOCES, Keynote, Special Education Conference, programs for teachers of ED and BD students, OTs, PTs and others. (01)
  • Greenlawn: Harborfield Central School District PTA, Parent Training Program (95, 02)
  • Greenlawn: Harborfield Central School District, K-12 teacher training programs. (02)
  • Hempstead: Early Childhood Education Center of Nassau County, Keynote Speaker. (89)
  • Holtsville: Bureau of Education and Research. (03)
  • Lindenhurst: Mental Health Services of Suffolk County, Inc. Full-day training. (07)
  • Mahopac: Mahopac Central School District, conference sessions and closing keynote. (10)
  • Montgomery: Valley Central Public Schools, Special Education Inservice. (04)
  • Newburgh: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 03)
  • Newburgh: Orange-Ulster BOCES, Full-day training on School Safety, Project SAVE. (01)
  • Newburgh: South Junior High School, full-day training. (02)
  • New York: United Federation of Teachers, Special Education Support Program, Keynote, Discipline Conference, New York. (93)
  • Poughkeepsie: Bureau of Education and Research. (03)
  • Port Jervis: Port Jervis Public Schools, Keynote and follow-up training. (02)
  • Rochester: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 05, 07, 08)
  • Rome: Strough Middle School, full-day training. (08)
  • Syracuse: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 03, 05, 07)
  • Syracuse: New York State Middle School Associations Conference, keynote. (08)
  • Union Springs Middle School (plus teachers from alternative high school), Union Springs. (17)
  • United Federation of Teachers, Special Education Support Program, keynote, Discipline Conference, New York. (93)
  • Valley Central Public Schools, Special Education full-day inservice, Montgomery. (04)
  • West Buffalo Charter School, full-day inservice (parts 1 and 2), Buffalo. (15, 16)
  • White Plains: Bureau of Education and Research. (03)
  • White Plains: New York State Staff Development Council Conf., Luncheon Keynote. (94)

Broadcast Media

  • Garden City: WHPC-FM, “Parenting 2000,” interview with Mary Addams Shaffer (97).
  • Long Island: Channel 18 (Cablevision), “Something of Substance,” interview with Art Flescher (07).
  • Middletown: WALL-AM, “Talk of Orange County,” interview with John Moultrie (94).
  • Pomona: WRKL-AM, “Rise and Shine Rockland,” interview with Joe Sussman (95).
  • Poughkeepsie: WKIP-AM, “The Ken Gonya Show,” interview with Ken Gonya and Bob Mangles (98).
  • Rochester: WRMM-FM, “Tony and Dee in the Morning” (98).
  • Warsaw: WCJW-AM, interview with Fred Haier (96, 97).
  • West Chester: KFAS-FM, “Westchester Classroom,” interview with Carole Jones (91).

Print Media

  • New YorkNew York Post, interview with Gersh Kuntzmen (94)
  • Port JervisTimes Herald-Record, interview with Jessica Gardner. (02)

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