Dr. Jane Bluestein in New Mexico


  • Alamogordo: Yucca & Heights Elementary Schools, Luncheon Keynote. (91)
  • Albuquerque: Albuquerque Association of Gifted and Talented. (87, 88, 92)
  • Albuquerque: Albuquerque Association of Gifted and Talented, Parent Training Program. (92)
  • Albuquerque: Albuquerque Public Schools, numerous inservice presentations for individual schools and clusters throughout the city (83-96)
  • Albuquerque: All Faiths, training for therapists and core service workers. (15)
  • Albuquerque: All-Faiths Receiving Home, Treatment Foster Parent Training Program. (94)
  • Albuquerque: Beginning Teacher Training Program, University of New Mexico, guest speaker. (89)
  • Albuquerque: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 02, 09)
  • Albuquerque: Chapter I Teachers, K-12, Albuquerque Public Schools. (91)
  • Albuquerque: Church of Religious Science, Parent Training. (89)
  • Albuquerque: Cochiti Elementary School, Positive Behavior Management Strategies. (83)
  • Albuquerque: Federal Executive Boards Diversity Council, conversations on perfectionism. (16)
  • Albuquerque: Headstart Conference. (87)
  • Albuquerque: International Reading Association, Albuquerque Chapter, “Helping your Child Develop Language and Literacy.” (84)
  • Albuquerque: Jewish Community Center Family Enrichment Center, preschool staff training. (10)
  • Albuquerque: La Puerta de los Niños Preschool, First Unitarian Church, Parent Training Program. (90)
  • Albuquerque: Magic Years Early Childhood Conference, Keynote. (99)
  • Albuquerque: National Council for Self Esteem Conference. (90)
  • Albuquerque: National Speakers Association, New Mexico Chapter. (89)
  • Albuquerque: New Mexico Association of Elementary School Principals, luncheon keynote. (89)
  • Albuquerque: New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children. (87)
  • Albuquerque: New Mexico Association of Non-Public Schools. (86, 87, 89)
  • Albuquerque: New Mexico Department of Children, Youth & Families, conference keynote for Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents and Foster Treatment Parents. (96)
  • Albuquerque: New Mexico Vocational Ed Association, 19th Annual Vocational, Technical and Adult Education Conference, Keynote Speaker. (88)
  • Albuquerque: OASIS Tutoring, Presentation to volunteer tutors and trainers on Learning Styles issues and helping nontraditional learners, plus folow-up training. (10, 11)
  • Albuquerque: Old Town Elementary School, Games and Learning Materials. (83)
  • Albuquerque: Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association, paper presented on “The Impact of the APS-UNM Gradate Intern Program on Beginning Teacher Performance.”
  • Albuquerque: SAGE Women’s Journal Community Education Program. (91)
  • Albuquerque: Sandia Prep Faculty, grades 6-12. (90)
  • Albuquerque: Sunset Mesa School. (87)
  • Albuquerque: Team Against Substance Abuse Conference. (91)
  • Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Center for Disability and Development. (10, 11)
  • Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, Department of Teacher Education, classes taught in Methods of Instruction, Language Arts Methods, Instructional Methods and Materials, Classroom Management for Beginning Teachers, Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading, Prescriptive Math Instruction, Behavior Management recertification, and TESL (81-85)
  • Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, Department of Teacher Education, supervised field experiences for graduate interns and student teachers. (81-84)
  • Algodones: Santo Domingo Schools, Positive Discipline and Behavior Management. (83)
  • Bayard: Cobre Consolidated Schools, Opening Keynote. (91)
  • Bayard: Cobre Municipal Schools, Parent Education Program. (91)
  • Bernalillo: Bernalillo Public Schools staff development. (85)
  • Bernalillo: University of New Mexico, Behavior Management Class (85); Positive Classroom Climate, Title VII (83); Data Collection and Record Keeping, Title VII. (83)
  • Corrales: Kiwanis Club, guest speaker. (11)
  • Crownpoint: Crownpoint Community School, BIA, Eastern Navajo Agency. (91)
  • Deming: Deming Public Schools, Positive Behavior Management Strategies. (83)
  • Dulce: Language Arts and ESL Methods for Teaching Assistants (83); Supervised Field Experience (84); Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading. (84)
  • Estancia: Estancia Middle School. (93)
  • Estancia: Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program, Mentor & Parent Training. (93)
  • Farmington: Farmington Public Schools, Special Education. (85, 86, 87)
  • Farmington: San Juan County Consolidated Schools, Inservice presentations. (83, 84, 85, 87, 91)
  • Gallina: University of New Mexico, Language Arts and ESL Methods (84); Supervised Field Experience (84)
  • Gallup: Gallup-McKinley Schools inservice. (85)
  • Gallup: University of New Mexico, Prescriptive Math Instruction. (83)
  • Grants: Grants Municipal Schools. (86)
  • Hatch: Headstart Conference. (85)
  • Hatch: SW Regional Cooperative Center, Special Ed. (90)
  • Hobbs: Hobbs Municipal Schools. (90)
  • Hobbs: Hobbs Municipal Schools, Parent Training Program. (90)
  • Laguna Pueblo: University of New Mexico, Social Studies methods course. (81)
  • Las Cruces: Chapter I Regional Inservice, Keynote presentation. (85, 86, 91)
  • Las Cruces: Las Cruces Schools. (83, 85)
  • Los Lunas: Los Lunas Middle School staff development. (88)
  • Los Lunas: University of New Mexico, Valencia Campus, Positive Parenting course (83)
  • Moriarty: Moriarty Public Schools. (85)
  • Moriarty: Oak Tree Family Resource Center and Torrance Adolescence Parenting Prevention Program. (94)
  • Newcomb: University of New Mexico, Curriculum Implementation and Instructional Management (84); Supervised Field Experience (84)
  • Pojoaque: Pojoaque Public Schools. (92)
  • Pojoaque: Pojoaque Public Schools, Parent Education Program. (92)
  • Portales: Portales Municipal Schools, Portales. (88)
  • Portales: Eastern New Mexico University. (90)
  • Ramah: Pine Hill School, Staff Development. (89)
  • Ramah: Pine Hill BIA Boarding School Dorm Staff. (89)
  • Roswell: Eastern New Mexico University. (89)
  • Santa Fe: Acequia Madre Elementary School PTA. (91)
  • Santa Fe: New Mexico School Counselors’ Association. (86)
  • Santa Fe: Santa Fe Indian School, Secondary Teacher Training. (88, 92)
  • Santa Fe: University of New Mexico, Reading Methods, Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading. (82, 83)
  • Santa Fe: “Women of the Nineties” Conference. (91)
  • Silver City: Silver City Consolidated Schools, Special Education inservice. (85, 90)
  • Silver City: Silver Consolidated Schools, Parent Training Program. (90)
  • Silver City: SW Regional Cooperative Center, Special Ed. (90)
  • Socorro: Desert High Wellness Conference, Opening Keynote. (93)
  • Taos: Headstart Conference. (86)
  • Taos: Taos Municipal Schools, district-wide keynote. (92)
  • Truth or Consequences: Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools. (88)
  • Zuñi: Zuñi Public Schools, Bilingual and Multicultural Inservice Training. (87, 89)

Broadcast Media

  • Albuquerque: KANW-FM, interview with Nancy Lewis. (86)
  • Albuquerque: KAZQ-TV, “Synopsis,” with Raymond Franks. (91)
  • Albuquerque: KGGM-TV, “Stopwatch,” interview with Mike Scott. (86)
  • Albuquerque: KOAT-TV, “Kids First,” interview with Diane Anderson. (97)
  • Albuquerque: KOAT-TV, interview with Christine Jones. (06)
  • Albuquerque: KOB-TV, “Eyewitness Newsconference,” interview with Ralph Green. (83)
  • Albuquerque: KOB-AM, interview with Larry Ahrens. (89, 91)
  • Albuquerque: KQEO-AM, interview with Art Schreiber. (91)
  • Albuquerque: KUNM-FM, call-in interview with Marcos Martinez. (86 [2 interviews], 87)
  • Albuquerque: KZIA-AM, interview with Jay Howard Deme (86)
  • Carlsbad: KCCC-AM, interview with Marion Jenkins (87)
  • Farmington: KENN-AM, “This, That, and the Other” (87)
  • Farmington: KOBF-TV News, “Four Corners Sunday Morning,” interview with Karen Jordan (85)
  • Portales: KENW-TV, Creative Living, with Sheryl Borden, 3 segments for national PBS distribution, Portales, NM. (88, 95, 00, 08, 18)
  • Santa Fe: KFSF-AM, “Good Morning Santa Fe,” with Marion Lynch, CR Power and Mercy Hawks (98 [2 interviews])
  • Santa Fe: KNMZ-TV, “2-Inform” (85, 86 [2 interviews])
  • Silver City: KSIL-AM, “Anything Goes,” interview with Diane Hamilton and Adolfo Maestes (90).

Print Media

  • Albuquerque: Albuquerque Journal, interview with Susan Stiger (91)
  • Albuquerque: Albuquerque Tribune, interview with Judy Ewald (85)
  • Albuquerque: Sage Magazine, Albuquerque Tribune, interview with Jean Randles (94)
  • Los Alamos: Los Alamos Monitor, interview with Karen Brant (98)

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