Dr. Jane Bluestein in California


  • Anaheim: Achieving Schools Conference, Supersession Speaker. (00)
  • Anaheim: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 02, 03, 04, 07)
  • Anaheim: California Association for the Education of Young Children. (86)
  • Anaheim: Early Childhood Initiative, keynote. (02)
  • Anaheim: National Association for the Education of Young Children. (89)
  • Anaheim: National Association for Elementary School Principals. (89, 91, 03)
  • Apple Valley: Apple Valley Unified School District. (90)
  • Antioch: Northern California Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. (10)
  • Arcadia/Pasadena: Bureau of Education and Research. (03)
  • Atascadero: Children’s House Montessori, Community Training Program. (98)
  • Burlingame: Achieving Schools Conference, Supersession Speaker. (97)
  • Burlingame: California Mentor Teacher Conference, Opening Keynote. (97)
  • Carlsbad: North Coastal Beginning Teachers Support and Assessment training for new teachers and mentors. (07)
  • Chico: Chico USD Regional Training Conference, Early Mental Health Initiative. (02)
  • Chico: USD Parent Training. (02)
  • Clovis: Clovis USD Parent Education Conf. Keynote. (94)
  • Concord: Mt. Diablo Unified School District, Elementary Inservice. (97)
  • El Centro: Central Union High School. (91)
  • Encinitas: Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program presentation to mentors. (05)
  • Encinitas: Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program presentation to first- and second-year teachers. (05)
  • Encinitas: Encinitas Union Elementary School District, Parent Training. (05)
  • Encinitas: Encinitas Union Elementary School District, Special Ed Teacher Inservice. (05)
  • Fresno: Bureau of Education and Research. (06)
  • Fresno: California Association for the Education of Young Children. (87)
  • Fresno: Comprehensive Youth Services, full-day training. (08)
  • Glendale: Glendale USD, Restructuring, 9th Grade Math Teachers. (00)
  • Irvine: Western Student Assistance Conference, Keynote. (93)
  • Livermore: Valley Montessori Teacher Inservice, full-day staff training. (97)
  • Livermore: Valley Montessori Parent Training Program. (97)
  • Lompoc: Lompoc Unified School District, two-day inservice training. (98)
  • Long Beach: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 03, 07)
  • Long Beach: National Association of Childcare Professionals, Keynote. (97)
  • Los Angeles: Bureau of Education and Research. (01)
  • Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Office of Education, Drug-Free Schools Conference for School Psychologists. (93)
  • Los Angeles: National Council for Self Esteem Conference. (90)
  • Los Angeles: Teach For America, Training Institute for Beginning Teachers. (93)
  • Los Angeles: Teach For America, Training for Second-Year Teachers. (93)
  • Modesto: Bureau of Education and Research. (06)
  • Moraga: St. Mary’s College, Saturday Seminar program, keynote. (12)
  • Newport Beach: Ben Franklin Institute, Third Conference on Adolescence, keynote. (04)
  • Northridge: California State University Northridge, full-day seminar for beginning teachers. (13)
  • Oakland: American Montessori Society, Keynote. (99)
  • Oakland: Bureau of Education and Research. (03, 06)
  • Oakland: California Industrial and Technology Education Association, Oakland. (13)
  • Oakley Union: Oakley Union School District. (91)
  • Ontario/Pomona: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 02, 03, 04, 07)
  • Oxnard/Ventura: Bureau of Education and Research. (01)
  • Pasadena/Arcadia: Bureau of Education and Research. (03)
  • Pine Crest: Adopt-a-Special-Kid, training for parents of adopted, special needs kids. (03)
  • Pomona/Ontario: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 02, 03, 04, 07)
  • Poway: San Diego Montessori Administration Council, half-day training, “You Can’t Make Me!” open enrollment. (14)
  • Ramona: Montessori Children’s House, Parent Training. (00)
  • Rancho Santa Margarita: Rancho Viejo Montessori School, full-day training. (09)
  • Rancho Santa Margarita: St. John’s Episcopal School, full-staff, full-day training. (03)
  • Redondo Beach: South Bay Adult School Parent Training. (05, 06)
  • Sacramento: Bureau of Education and Research. (02, 03, 06, 09)
  • Sacramento: California Association for the Education of Young Children. (88)
  • Sacramento: Early Childhood Initiative. (02)
  • Sacramento: Professional Association for Childhood Education, State Conference Keynote. (98)
  • San Diego: 1st Annual National Conference on Restructuring Education. (96)
  • San Diego: Art Walk Kids’s Walk, book signing, parent consultation. (07)
  • San Diego: Bell Junior High School, full-day training. (06)
  • San Diego: Bureau of Education and Research. (03, 07)
  • San Diego: California Association for Counseling and Development. (89)
  • San Diego: California Association for the Education of Young Children. (89)
  • San Diego: Character Education Partnership, 4th Annual Forum. (97)
  • San Diego: Learning Brain Expo. (01)
  • San Diego: National Center for Montessori Education (98, 99, 00, 02), Keynote. (97)
  • San Diego: San Diego Public Schools, New Teacher Retention Program, Keynote. (89)
  • San Francisco: California Association for Counseling and Development. (88)
  • San Francisco: Early Mental Health Initiative, Keynote. (02)
  • San Francisco: International Conference for Self-Esteem. (00)
  • San Francisco: National Association of Elementary School Principals. (99)
  • San Francisco: National Association for Secondary School Principals. (92)
  • San Francisco: National Student Assistance Conference, Keynote. (06)
  • San Jose: Bureau of Education and Research. (03, 04, 06, 09)
  • San Jose: National Council for Self Esteem Conference. (90)
  • San Juan Capistrano: Capistrano Unified School District, full-day inservice training for middle and high school administrators, teachers and counselors. (06)
  • San Juan Capistrano: Marco Forster Middle School parent training. (04, 11)
  • San Juan Capistrano: Marco Forster Middle School teacher inservice. (04)
  • San Marcos: California State University San Marcos, North County Professional Development Foundation (24 districts) and New Hope Charitable Foundation, Parent and Teacher Training. (06)
  • Santa Rosa: Bureau of Education and Research. (03)
  • Thousand Oaks: Conejo Valley Adult School, parent and teacher training sessions. (06)
  • Torrance: Torrance Unified School District, Beginning Teacher Training Program. (01)
  • Ventura/Oxnard: Bureau of Education and Research. (01)
  • Visalia: Headstart Inservice Keynote address. (88)
  • Visalia: Tulare County Office of Education, conferece for childcare providers. (08)
  • Van Nuys: California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. (00)

Broadcast Media

  • Chico: KPAY-AM, interview with Bruce Sessions (94)
  • Fresno: KSEE-TV, interview with Sara Reyes (87)
  • Fresno: KBIF-AM, interview with Mark Mayfield (87)
  • Irvine: “Book Talk,” interview with Mary Ritz, Orange County Cable Television (86)
  • Los Angeles: KFI-AM, interview with Sharon Dale (90); interview with Tracy Miller (90)
  • Los Angeles: KIEV-AM, call-in interview with George Putnam (86, 90)
  • Palo Alto: KZSU, “What Would Your Mother Say?” Interview with Susan Morris (07)
  • San Diego: Fox 6 Morning News, interview with Marc Bailey (07)
  • San Diego: KUSI-TV, morning news program, interview with David Davis (07)
  • San Francisco: KFRC-AM, interview with Mark Hurdy (87)

Print Media

  • Fresno: Fresno Bee, interview with Doug Hoagland (94)
  • Oakland: Oakland Tribune, interview with Barbara Newhall (87)
  • Orange County: Orange County Register, interview with Pam Marin (86)
  • San Francisco: San Francisco Chronicle, interview with Jeanine Deseo (06); interview with David Sylvester (90)
  • San Jose: San Jose Mercury News, interview with Deborah Anderluh (90)
  • San Marcos: “Today’s Local News,” North County News, interview with Darcy Richardson (06)

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