Dr. Jane Bluestein in Australia


  • Canberra: Ethnic Schools Association of ACT, Mawson Primary School. (99)
  • Canberra: Work Resources Center, guest speaker to class for aged-care health-care specialists. (99)
  • Canberra: Training in Health & Community Services, guest speaker to communications class for aged-care specialists. (99)
  • Canberra: National Association for Self-Esteem and Responsibility, Parent Training, ACROD House. (99)

Broadcast and Print Media

  • Canberra: ABC Radio, interview with Chris Uhlmann. (99)
  • Canberra: Prime Television, “Prime Local News,” interview with Catherine Garrett. (99)
  • CanberraThe Canberra Times, interview with Emma MacDonald. (99)

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