Dr. Jane Bluestein in Arkansas


  • Forrest City: Forrest City School District, full-day training, pre-K to Gr. 4. (05)
  • Harrison: Harrison School District, full-day, district-wide training. (04)

  • Hot Springs: Arkansas Parenting Education Network, keynote and follow up presentation. (08)
  • Little Rock: Bureau of Education and Research. (06)
  • Malvern: Malvern School District, full-day district-wide seminar. (12)
  • Pearcy: Lake Hamilton School District, K-12 full-day inservice. (09)
  • West Memphis: Bureau of Education and Research. (06, 08)

Broadcast Media

  • Fort Smith: KWHN-AM, call-in interview with Susan Edens. (94)
  • Little Rock: KSYG-FM, call-in interview with Jerry Peters. (96)

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