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Speaking by Organization or Event in the United States

This page highlights national events in the US where Dr. Bluestein has presented. You can also see where Dr. Bluestein has presented for schools, districts, and regional and local organizations throughout the US, as well as where she has presented for parents worldwide.

Separate media pages offer a list of regional and local broadcast interviews (TV and radio in the US), national broadcasts, as well as web chats, blogs, and internet interviews.

A list of Dr. Bluestein’s international speaking engagements and media appearances listed by country) is also available on this site.

  • Adolescent Smoking Prevention and Cessation Conference, Keynote speaker, Nashville, TN (09)
  • American Association for Counseling and Development, Session presenter, Reno, NV (91)
  • American Association for Teaching and Curriculum, Keynote, 4th Annual Marcella Kysilka Lecture and Awards Banquet, San Antonio, TX (12)
  • American Montessori Society, Regional Conference, Keynote, Oakland, CA (99)
  • American School Counselors Association, Conference speaker (on perfectionism), New Orleans, LA (16)
  • American School Counselors Association, Conference speaker, Pittsburgh, PA (90)
  • Ben Franklin Institute, Second Conference on Adolescence, Baltimore, MD (03)
  • Ben Franklin Institute, Third Conference Keynote, Newport Beach, CA (04)
  • Ben Franklin Institute, Summit for Clinical Excellence, Conference on Excellence, Keynote, Tempe, AZ (06)
  • Character Education Partnership, 4th Annual Forum, San Diego, CA (97)
  • Conference on Adolescents and the Family, General Session speaker,  Atlanta, GA (94); Chicago, IL (00);  Las Vegas, NV (03)
  • International Conference for Self-Esteem, Session speaker, San Francisco, CA (00)
  • International Mentoring Association, Diversity in Mentoring Conference, Tempe, AZ (97)
  • International Montessori Foundation, Peace Academy, Keynote, Clearwater, FL (03, 04)
  • International Network for Children and Families, Keynote, training for Parents and Parent Educators, St. Louis, MO (95); Nashville, TN (03)
  • Knowledge is Power Program, Schools Summit, full-day training, New Orleans, LA (06)
  • Learning Brain Expo, Session presenter, San Diego, CA (01)
  • Montessori Educational Programs International, Session presenter, Myrtle Beach, SC (00); Conference Keynote, Litchfield Beach, SC (02, 03); Conference Keynote, Myrtle Beach, SC (05, 08)
  • Midwest Student Assistance Conference, Keynote, Milwaukee, WI (92)
  • National Association of Childcare Professionals, Conference presenter, San Antonio, TX (94); Conference presenter, Louisville, KY (95); Keynote speaker, Long Beach, CA. (97)
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children, Conference presenter, Anaheim, CA (87); Conference presenter, Atlanta, GA (89)
  • National Association for Elementary School Principals, Conference presenter, Atlanta, GA (89); San Antonio, TX (90); Anaheim, CA (91, 03); Orlando, FL (98); San Francisco, CA (99)
  • National Association of Federal Educational Programs Administration, Keynote speaker, Arlington, VA (02)
  • National Association for Secondary School Principals, Conference presenter, San Francisco, CA (92); New Orleans, LA (94); General Session, Assistant Principal Front-Line Conference, Hilton Head, SC (95)
  • National Association for Self-Esteem, Conference presenter, Baltimore, MD (95)
  • National Center for Montessori Education, Keynote speaker, San Diego, CA (97); Conference presenter, San Diego, CA (02, 00, 99, 98)
  • National Child Care Association, Keynote speaker, Las Vegas, NV (98)
  • National Council for Self-Esteem Conference, Conference presenter, Albuquerque, NM (90); Los Angeles, CA (90); San Jose, CA (90); Las Vegas, NV (93)
  • National Middle School Association, Conference presenter, Atlanta, GA (03);  Minneapolis, MN (04); Indianapolis, IN (09)
  • National Resource Center Conference for Paraprofessionals and Related Service Providers, Keynote speaker, Edina, MN. (06)
  • National School Conference Institute, National Conference for Students at Risk (Violence, Gangs and Drugs), Scottsdale, AZ (95, 96, 97); Phoenix, AZ (93, 94, 98)
  • National School Conference Institute, National Conference on Restructuring Education, San Diego, CA (96)
  • National Staff Development Council, Conference presenter, St. Louis, MO (91); Washington, DC (92); Dallas, TX (93)
  • National Student Assistance Conference, Keynote speaker, Orlando, FL (95); Nashville, TN (00); San Francisco, CA (06)
  • National Youth at Risk Conference, Keynote speaker, Savannah, SC (10, 15, 18)
  • Northeast Student Assistance Conference, Keynote speaker, Philadelphia, PA (93)
  • Ophelia Project, Bully-Free Schools Conference Keynote, Chicago, IL (08)
  • Safe and Drug-Free Schools Conference, Featured speaker, Charleston, SC (04)
  • Southeast Student Assistance Conference, Keynote speaker, Orlando, FL (93)
  • Southwest Regional Self-Esteem Conference, Conference presenter, Las Vegas, NV (95)
  • Southwest Student Assistance Conference, Keynote, San Antonio, TX (92)
  • Summit for Clinical Excellence, Summit for Clinical Excellence, Advancement of Behavioral Healthcare, Conference on Adolescents and Emerging Adults (Gen X and Millennials: Identity, Image, & Addiction Therapies), Keynote, Denver, CO (17)
  • Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted Conference, presentation on perfectionism, Williamsburg, VA (16)
  • Teach For America, Training Institute for Beginning Teachers, course instructor, Los Angeles, CA (93)
  • Teach For America, Training for Second-Year Teachers, course instructor, Los Angeles, CA (93)
  • TI-IN Network, Televised Teacher Training Program to subscriber schools nationwide, San Antonio, TX (94, 93, 91)
  • Western Student Assistance Conference, Keynote speaker, Irvine, CA (93)

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