The Win-Win Classroom (lg) by Dr. Jane BluesteinA Fresh and Positive Look at Classroom Management

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Hundreds of practical ideas for success in any classroom or school. Great gift for a beginning teacher, or anyone wanting to up their game and grow their career.

When it comes to behavior challenges in the classroom, conventional practices and punitive discipline codes often fail to motivate studentsto change their attitudes or behavior. Recognized for defining a nontraditional approach that really works, Dr. Jane Bluestein offers educators ways to prevent discipline problems, build student accountability, and end frustrating power struggles with kids of all ages.

This authoritative, research-based guidebook discusses the impact of stress, brain functioning, learning styles, and social and emotional issues on student behavior. You’ll find examples, guidelines, charts, and anecdotes, along with practical, powerful, and effective ideas to help you:

  • Avoid falling into the “rules and punishment” trap
  • Establish win-win authority relationships while defusing conflict and opposition
  • Build a positive, caring, and emotionally safe learning climate
  • Encourage student cooperation, motivation, self-management, and on-task behavior
  • Accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and preferences in a brain-friendly atmosphere
  • Minimize academic failure and frustration—even with pressure to “get through the content”
  • Reduce social conflict and emotional outbursts
  • Eliminate defiance, dependence, and disinterest
  • Engage even the most defiant, defeated, or resistant learner by using powerful alternative strategies
  • Make your classroom (and school) culture much more positive
  • Build relationships with parents and other staff members
  • Reduce stress and burnout and make your work more enjoyable

The Win-Win Classroom will change the way you interact with students and help you build a positive social culture within your school and classroom.

Revolutionized the way I run my classroom

The reader comes away with strategies for implementation and the confidence to create win-win classrooms and support students in self-management.
—Jo Ann Freiberg, Educational Consultant

Includes more examples than any other book of its kind I’ve ever read.
—Stephen Haslam, Educational Consultant

The focus throughout this book is on effective classroom strategies for setting up a win-win environment where everyone’s needs are met and there are fewer power struggles to disrupt instruction.—Wendy Marshal, Director, Educational Technology Training Center, Armstrong Atlantic State University

This best-selling book evolved from Jane’s earlier work on 21st Century Discipline and includes lots of new examples and material not covered in that book. Includes dozens of handy charts, self-assessment surveys, planning pages, and activity sheets.

For all grade levels and for anyone working in a school setting, this book is a great resource for college professors and seminar or study group leaders.

bestseller8 1/2” x 11”, 328 pages. $45.95.

The Win-Win Classroom
Establish your authority in a win-win classroom to increase student cooperation, responsibility, self-management, and achievement. An award-winning book that will add to your enjoyment, confidence, and success as an educator.
Price: $45.95

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Note: A companion Facilitator’s Guide for anyone wishing to use this book as a college text or in a study group, workshop, or seminar. Also see The Beginning Teacher’s Survival Guide.

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7 thoughts on “Book: The Win-Win Classroom

  1. im in the process of doing my Masters of Education thesis
    on the title of Discipline styles of teachers. Pls send some articles for my literarure review and questionaire which could benefit me. Tq

  2. Hi. As you may have noticed, I have several hundred pages on this site, many of them devoted to a win-win style of discipline and behavior management. Check some of the resources listed at and for more information. Discipline is a complex topic and can often involve not just power struggles between teachers and kids, but also behavior problems that result from poor academic placement or instruction, mismatches between how we teach and how children’s bodies process information (learning styles), social and emotional issues, and other dimensions of school climate. I do not attempt to address some of the more traditional (authoritarian) approaches to discipline, as I have found them to come with too high a price tag.

  3. I find the approach to my liking. I was comfortable reading the above reply which is so balanced because it takes so many factors into consideration and shuns authoritarian approach.

  4. […] and adapted from The Win-Win Classroom, by Dr. Jane Bluestein,Corwin Publishing, Thousand Oaks, CA, © 2008. Similar material is presented […]

  5. Can I have the hardcover copy of this book?

    1. Hi, Hamidah. So sorry. We sold the last copy a few weeks ago. I can get a copy from the publisher. Will have to see if they can ship to Singapore or send one from the S’pore office. Will get back to you. xo

      1. You should have received your copy. I hope you’ve been enjoying it.

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