The Win-Win Classroom: Facilitator's Guide by Dr. Jane BluesteinA facilitator’s guide to a fresh and positive approach to classroom management

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

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An essential guidebook for anyone teaching college courses or leading training programs on classroom management. Help teachers establish win-win authority relationships with students and improve the overall climate in their classrooms, schools, and districts!

Based on Dr. Bluestein’s book, The Win-Win Classroom, this guide gives staff developers and workshop leaders the tools to facilitate book study groups, seminars, and professional development events to help teachers prevent discipline problems, build student accountability, end frustrating power struggles, improve school climate, reduce failure and improve achievement, accommodate a wide range of learner preferences, and create a positive social culture with kids of all ages.

Facilitators will be able to discuss the impact of stress, brain functioning, learning styles, and social and emotional issues on student behavior and provide empowering guidelines and practical ideas for:

  • Avoiding the “rules and punishment” trap
  • Creating a caring and emotionally safe learning climate
  • Defusing conflict and opposition
  • Encouraging student cooperation, motivation, self-management, and on-task behavior
  • Evaluate school policies and personal beliefs with regard to teaching and learning
  • Engaging even the most defiant, defeated, or resistant learner
  • Avoiding (and changing) ineffective and self-defeating patterns in interactions with students, parents, and other staf
  • Making policies and practices consistent with the needs and demands of the 21st century

This chapter-by-chapter study guide follows the same format as the companion book and features:

  • Workshop activities
  • Discussion questions
  • Suggestions for practical applications
  • Chapter summaries
  • Handouts and overheads
  • Resources for extending learning
  • Sample agendas for half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops
  • A workshop evaluation form

The Facilitator’s Guide to The Win-Win Classroom is ideal for college course instructors, staff developers, or anyone leading professional training for groups of any size—including study groups, small workshops, or large seminars.

For all grade levels and for anyone working in a school setting. 

8 1/2” x 11”, 88 pages. $19.95. 

The Win-Win Classroom Facilitator’s Guide
An essential guidebook for anyone teaching college courses or leading training programs on classroom management. Chapter-by-chapter activities, questions, handouts, and more. All grades. Sent directly from publisher.
Price: $19.95

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