Book of Article Reprints by Dr. Jane Bluestein

A collection of articles for educators, counselors, and parents

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

This collection is available as a PDF eBook download. 

Here, finally, is a collection of more than four decades’ worth of articles by Dr. Jane Bluestein, including several made available through I.S.S. Publications for the first time. The book includes articles for parents, teachers, mentors (and people looking for mentors), as well as resources for people working with challenging colleagues, and those thinking about becoming a writer or consultant.

Here are 25 entertaining and informative pieces addressing such wide-ranging topics as:

  • power struggles and other discipline issues
  • motivation and cooperation
  • setting boundaries and following through
  • effective mentorship
  • teacher appreciation
  • parenting issues such as bedtime, getting kids to respect your need for privacy or space, and expressing love and affection
  • communications and supportiveness
  • dealing with difficult colleagues
  • being more positive in your interactios with kids
  • help for beginning teachers
  • the changing role of the principal

Plus, you’ll find two bonus articles written in response to years of requests for information on how Dr. Bluestein went from the classroom to the being the head of her own consulting and resource firm, with inspiration and practical suggestions for aspiring writers and consultants!

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More information about individual articles here. You can also purchase individual articles from this link.

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Book of Article Reprints- PDF download
Over three decades’ worth of information in 25 articles written for educators and parents on a wide range of topics, including 2 bonus articles for aspiring writers and speakers. Discounted, sent as a PDF eBook download.
Price: $9.95

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