An Individualized, Prescriptive Program for Teaching Handwriting

40th Anniversary Edition, by Dr. Jane Bluestein (Updated)

Do you have students who make their letters incorrectly? Do they have trouble connecting cursive letters? Do you have a few students who need a bit of individual attention, instruction or remediation with their cursive writing or printing? Are your kids just learning their letters for the first time?

This book offers an individualized, prescriptive system for painlessly managing handwriting instruction. Here is everything you need to easily create your own materials, introduce the program and keep it going with a minimum of effort. A great system for helping kids just learning to write (or print), and for remediating even well-established problems with letter formation, connecting, and spacing.

For any system of cursive or manuscript writing (printing). K – Grade 8. Choose the version that suits your needs below:

Available in paperback ($6.99), Kindle edition ($4.49), or PDF download ($4.99).

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Rx: Handwriting- PDF download
Everything you need to create an individualized, prescriptive system for painlessly managing handwriting instruction. Teach and remediate any system of cursive or printing. Download book in its entirety as a PDF document. Also available in paperback and Kindle editions with new cover (otherwise the same book).
Price: $4.99

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