Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity by Bluestein, Lawrence, and SanchezA Journal of Gratitude and Awareness

by Dr. Jane Bluestein, Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed. & SJ Sanchez, M.P.A.

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This life-affirming book will inspire you to reflect upon and document your feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of intuitive insights, “coincidences,” beauty, growth, accomplishment, help and support, and day-to-day miracles that occur in your life. It will help you focus your thoughts and perceptions in a positive direction, reframe negative events in terms of the growth and benefits they allow and consider atlernatives to scarcity consciousness and victim thinking. Includes 12 thought-provoking sections with brief introductions and instructions, relevant quotations, and brief stories for inspiration and guidance. If you love to journal— or have been wanting to start— you will turn again and again to Magic, Miracles & Synchronicity as a source of gratitude in your life.

This book was formerly with a different publisher, and had a different cover, and a different title (Daily Riches). Read the introduction to the new-and-improved edition of Magic, Miracles & Synchronicity.

Chapters include:

Section I: Concrete, Tangible Blessings

  • Daily Riches: The convenience, beauty and abundance of material possessions; prosperity.
  • Wonder All Around: Beauty in the environment; sensory and visual abundance.
  • Angels in Disguise: The people in our lives and the help, comfort, love and guidance they offer.

Section II: Abstract, Intangible Blessings

  • The Pleasures of Service: Experiencing the gift of giving, helping, reaching out; forgiveness.
  • Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity: Surprise calls or encounters, magical intervention, gifts.
  • Dreams and Visions: Images or messages, thoughts, inspiration, imagination and gut feelings.
  • Wish List: Abundance and possibilities; receiving and deserving; goals and desires.
  • The Joy of Creation: Creating love, joy, comfort, beauty, safety, magic, miracles and synchronicity.

Section III: Very Personal Blessings

  • The Gift of Perspective: Positive changes and improvements in life, lifestyle, habits, thinking.
  • A Pat on the Back: Personal achievements, accomplishments, development and growth.
  • The Miracle in the Mirror: Valuing the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, creative self.

Section IV: Life Experience Blessings

  • Silver Linings: The positive outcomes of negative experiences and events.
Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity authors
Authors Jane Bluestein, Judy Lawrence, & SJ Sanchez.

This book also includes Angel Certificates to give to the “angels” in your life, Service Certificates to complete as a promise some gift of service, and information on starting and running a Gratitude Group. (Note: free downloads on the Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity These certificates are also available as website.)

Note to teachers, counselors, youth group leaders, home-schooling parents: Each chapter in this book contains activities and informaion that can be used with kids, Grades 5 and up.

This books makes a great gift for anyone who likes to journal, someone going through a challenging time, or a person who would appreciate dozens of inspiring and encouraging stories and quotes.

Grades 5 to adult. 6” x 9”, 352 pages. $4.50 (70% off original price of $14.95 to cover our shipping costs.)

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Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity
A gratitude journal to help notice the blessings in your life, focus on the positive, and find the silver linings in challenges. Quotes, stories, and activities; for personal use or with groups. This book is free. The price helps cover our shipping costs.
Price: $4.50

I am delighted to endorse this wonderful book. I can only imagine how many lives will be enriched by such a marvelous text.
—Caroline Myss, Ph.D., author Anatomy of the Spirit

Magic, Miracles & Synchronicity reminds me to take time to acknowledge the beauty, the people, the riches and magic in my life. The ideas in this book make a great contribution to mental health…
—Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author Healing Anxiety with Herbs

Magic, Miracles & Synchronicity is a hopeful, loving guide to a rich, abundant life…
—Wayne R. Muller, author How, Then, Shall We Live?

Fabulous! Instant positive endorphins in a book! As we wrestle with the challenge & stress of day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget the wonderful GOOD THINGS about our lives and circumstances. This book encourages reflection on those “positives” without the tyranny of a daily-diary format. Each section offers personal-reflection suggestions with room for writing, if you feel like writing. The reader is encouraged to consider a topic and write responses… I find just opening up this book for even a short time gives me an instant morale-boost. I can feel tension subside immediately as I read through the wonderfully moving personal anecdotes and inspirational quotations sprinkled throughout the book! It offers the perfect balance of “structure” and “freedom” for triggering personal discovery and gratitude! I’ve given it to all my close friends!
—Reader (Amazon review)

Read excerpts from Magic, Miracles & Synchronicity:

Wonder All Around
Silver Linings

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