High School's Not Forever by Dr. Jane Bluestein and Eric Katz, MSACThe reality of the high school experience

by Dr. Jane Bluestein and Eric Katz, M.S.A.C.

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How often do kids hear that high school is supposed to be the best time of their lives? Yet for many students, these years are painful, difficult, and stressful— with academic and social pressures, physical changes, and emotional roller-coaster rides!

This book paints a vivid and realistic picture of what high school is all about—from a teen perspective. High School’s Not Forever includes real-life stories from real-life high school kids—and a few high school “survivors” as well! Readers will also find tons of practical hints, tips, and strategies, along with activities, sidebars, quotes and dozens of resources to serve as a roadmap, not just on how to get through the difficult times, but how to get through them successfully!

The writing is accessible and authentic, honest and real, and will not only validate the reality of what many teens are experiencing—good and bad—but also help kids navigate the ups and downs of their high school years, find ways to get through the rough times and challenges, and make the most of the time they spend in high school.

Here’s a book for kids who feel like they’re on the sidelines because of social pressure, isolation, or anger—or simply when the pressure to perform, conform, or maintain a certain appearance becomes too much. High School’s Not Forever provides a reality check and offers assurances and guidance to make the high school years a more positive experience.

In addition to dozens of personal stories and quotes taken from over 2000 contributors, this book also includes tips and hints for making the high school experience a positive one. Inspiration and “survival strategies” include practical suggestions for:

  • How to study for success on tests
  • How to ask a teacher for help
  • How to act at a funeral
  • How to rebuild trust with your parents when you’ve blown it
  • How to find a safe adult
  • How to eat before a test
  • How to ask someone out on a date… and lots MORE!

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See what people are saying about High School’s Not Forever:

From Amazon: As a teacher contributor with 12 students acknowledged in this wonderful book (and many more who contributed anonymously), I was expected to say something nice. I held off until I read the book cover to cover, not once but many times. I immediately sent a copy to my 14-year-old daughter who is a freshman in high school in Maryland and made other copies available at the school where I teach. Dr. Bluestein captured the essence of what the kids are saying, in their own words and on their own turf. This is an easy to read book designed so that any teenager can get to the substance of a topic quickly. Too few adults can relate so poignantly to areas of high school life that need to be understood. I urge parents to read this book and make it available to their teenager. I urge my colleagues who teach the precious youth of our country to read this book to hear what their students are thinking and saying and to know where to send them for sound advice.
—John Keydash, Lt. Comdr., USN (Ret)
High School Teacher, Stuart, FL

Powerful! This is a must read for children, parents, and teachers. There is no way to effectively parent or teach our children without fully appreciating how vastly different their experience is of school truly is. This book offers a window into the chaotic world of our students. It’s about time somebody put this kind of time and effort into opening our eyes.
—Jared Scherz, Ph.D.
Director, Integrative Training & Consulting
Author, Harnessing the Power of Resistance and The Whole Truth about School Violence

From School Library Journal: (Recommended for) Grade 7 Up
Many teens find their high school years to be trying, angst ridden, and downright rotten. Culled from the responses of some 2000 high and post-high school students, this title gives voice to young people who have lived through the experience and who offer both affirming and cautionary tales as they attempted to navigate the uncertain seas of friendship, depression, academic achievement, drugs, and sexuality. Of all the observations contained in this unusual book, there has to be at least one that will resonate with readers. No one commentary is more than a page. In addition, there are advice sections and an entire listing of organizations that can provide help with problems. There is no question that this book will enhance most YA collections.
—Carol Jones Collins, Columbia High School, Maplewood, NJ

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