Dr. Jane Bluestein's Book of Handouts

The Complete set of Handouts as an eBook in PDF form

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

More than 130 pages of tips, tricks, ideas, research-based information used by thousands of participants in Dr. Bluestein’s training programs and presentations.

These handouts include information to help you:

  • build an emotionally-safe classroom environment, along with cooperative and mutually-respectful relationships with students of all ages
  • minimize failure, conflict, power struggles and discipline problems
  • engage even the most passive, defensive, defeated students
  • generatepositive, cooperative, supportive relationships with parents
  • improve academic performance and success
  • accommodate a wide range of student preferences and abilities
  • build positive social interactions and improve the social culture of your classroom and school
  • learn to provide appropriate support for kids in crisis
  • improve kids’ abilities to solve problems independently and constructively
  • assess various dimensions of safety in your classroom or school
  • set and maintain healthy boundaries with kids and adults
  • take care of yourself.

Many of the handouts in this book are available on this site; however, for anyone who wants the complete set—and a couple of free articles as well—this is a terrific deal. Great ideas for educators, counselors, and other school, mental health and corrections personnel working with children of all ages.

Available as a PDF document which can be downloaded directly from a special address on this site, which will be sent once your order is received.

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License to print ONE copy of Dr. Bluestein’s Book of Handouts, $14.95.

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Dr. Bluestein's Book of Handouts- Single copy license
Complete collection of handouts offered in Dr. Bluestein’s seminars and programs for educators, counselors and other professionals. License to print one copy.
Price: $14.95
Dr. Bluestein’s Book of Handouts- License for up to 5 copies
Complete collection of handouts offered in Dr. Bluestein’s seminars and programs for educators, counselors and other professionals. License to print up to five copies.
Price: $19.95
Dr. Bluestein’s Book of Handouts- License for additional copies
License to print additional copies with purchase of full license above.
Price: $3.00

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