Best of Corwin: Classroom Management by Dr. Jane Bluestein

One of the books in The Best of Corwin series.

edited by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Classroom management techniques that empower you and your students! This collection features excerpts from nine critically acclaimed Corwin publications by recognized experts, bringing a variety of classroom management techniques and practices together in one power-packed volume.

Included are practical ideas for improving classroom climate, problem-solving strategies for handling classroom disruptions, and advice for relating to students with emotional disorders. Other key topics include:

  • How to set the tone on the first day of school
  • Brain-based management strategies
  • Preventive and intervention methods
  • Win-win solutions to power struggles
  • Ways to teach students to self-monitor and self-manage

The authors provide a substantial array of strategies and techniques you can use immediately to engage students and create a positive learning environment. Remember what brought you to this profession and imagine the joy of working with kids when you can eliminate management headaches and actually spend your time doing what you came to do—teach!

Chapters include:

  • “Managing a Win-Win Classroom” by Jane Bluestein
  • “They’re Here” by Renee Rosenblum-Lowden and Felicia Lowden Kimmel
  • “Handling Social Misbehavior” by David A. Sousa
  • “Addressing Students Who Cause Class Disruptions” by Kay Burke
  • “Dealing With Difficult Students” by Donna Walker Tileston
  • “Understanding The RCM Plan™” by J. Allen Queen and Bob Algozzine
  • “Harnessing and Channeling Anger Into Constructive Outlets” by Marilyn E. Gootman
  • “Avoid Win-Lose Power Strategies” by Jane Bluestein
  • “Understand the Behaviors of Students With Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorders” by Roger Pierangelo and George Giuliani

The book includes charts, planning pages, and activity sheets. For all grade levels and for anyone working in a school setting, this book is also a great resource for college professors and seminar or study group leaders. A great gift for student teachers and recent graduates!

7” x 10”, 288 pages. $28.95. 

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Classroom Management
From the Best of Corwin series, here are excerpts from 9 best-selling books (including 2 from Dr. Bluestein) with ideas for improving student behavior and classroom climate. Sent from publisher.
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