Being a Successful Teacher by Dr. Jane BluesteinThe Original Survival Manual for New and Veteran Teachers

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

We are sold out of all remaining copies of this book, which is no longer in print. Please search online retailers for copies. 

The original survival manual for new teachers and veterans. 

A classic book that has launched—and saved—thousands of teaching careers, with everything you need for managing the basic realities of teaching! 39 chapters to help establish positive relationships with students, help students develop responsible learning behaviors, improve organization and time management, improve your focus on long- and short-range goals and build accountability, professionalism and confidence.

Yes, you’ll see references to things like dittos and filmstrips, and other technology, language, and terminology that was in common usage at the time. That said, the dynamics and strategies for successful teaching are as valuable and effective today as they were when this book was first written. 

Chapters include:

    • planning and goal setting
    • data collection
    • content organization
    • diagnosis and instruction
    • record keeping and paper grading
    • routine management and transitions
    • whole groups, small groups and skill groups
    • prescriptive instruction
    • managing the classroom environment
    • learning centers, work contracts and self-selection
    • homework
    • developing instructional materials
    • field trips and guest speakers
    • behavior management
    • working with parents, substitutes, support staff and administration

Clear, concrete information with practical suggestions for immediate implementation. Fill-in activity pages for planning and reflection. Great for beginning teachers and seasoned veterans alike, and a wonderful gift for student teachers and recent graduates!

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© 2012, Dr. Jane Bluestein

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