A Guide for First-Year Teachers

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

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Becoming a Win-Win Teacher examines some of the challenges of becoming an educator in today’s fast-changing world.

With practical ideas and honest cautions, this book encompasses a wide range of helpful topics including an exploration of what keeps so many schools rooted in win-lose philosophies and practices, personal assets that will increase the odds of your survival and success, and specifc strategies for winning in a win-lose system.

Topics include:

  • Your professional identity: demands and expectations of the job, authenticity and cautions, life in a fishbowl, protecting yourself
  • Understanding schools in context: cultural and economic realities, adapting to the challenge of change, and working successfully with students’ habits, skills, and expectations
  • Learning the system: What you need to know, dealing with toxic environments, and navigating political agendas
  • Building your support team: The value of collaboration, finding an effective mentor, and working with administrators, central office, supportive colleagues, specialists, classified support personnel, substitutes, and parents
  • Connecting with students: Disconnected kids, the importance of connectedness, going beyond the grade book
  • Avoiding win-lose power strategies: Includes an examination of our most beloved (and persistent) win-lose traditions that can make your life even more stressful
  • Effective strategies for creating a win-win classroom: Examines issues such as relationships, structure and routines, flexibility and fairness, choices, expressing your needs assertively, positive consequences and good follow through, good directions, recognition and positive feedback, keeping a cool head, and issues such as providing emotional support, encouraging problem solving, and buiding community
  • Growing your career
  • Taking care of yourself

Becoming a Win-Win Teacher will help you become a welcome, established, and effective member of a school community—without sacrificing your personality, intentions, or ideals.

For people entering the field of education today, whether straight out of college as a first career, or mid-career switchers coming to education later in life, with topics and tips relevant and helpful for veterans as well—especially those working in a lead teacher, support provider, or mentor for newcomers to the classroom.

The book includes handy charts, self-assessment surveys, planning pages, and activity sheets. For all grade levels and for anyone working in a school setting, this book is also a great resource for college professors and seminar or study group leaders. A great companion book to The Win-Win Classroom and a wonderful gift for student teachers and recent graduates. 

8 1/2” x 11”, 288 pages, available now. $11.95 (72% off retail price of $41.95 to cover some of our costs.)

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Becoming a Win-Win Teacher
Effective ways to manage student behavior, build your support team, connect with kids, learn the system, and grow your career. For new teachers and veterans, all grades. Save 72% on a great gift for new graduates, beginning teachers, returning teachers, and anyone who needs a shot in the arm after a challenging year!
Price: $11.95

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