Bibliography for Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

Links to resources cited in this book

All of the resources below were used in Dr. Bluestein’s book, Creating Emotionally Safe Schools, (Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc., 2001). They include:

Titles beginning with numerals, “A” through “M”
Titles beginning with “N” through “Z”
Authors “A” and “B”
Authors “C” through “E”
Authors “F” through “H”
Authors “I” through “L”
Authors “M” through “Q”
Authors “R” through “S”
Authors “T” through “Z”

About this bibliography

As I was putting the finishing touches on the manuscript, I realized that this book had turned out to be a whole lot longer than any of us had imagined. Additionally, there are close to 1400 footnotes and annotations in the book, many of which include references to resources posted on this website.

When the book was going to press, I had a tough call to make. I could either include the complete bibliography or cut out significant portions of the text. Being a bit greedy with the content, I compromised by listing about half of the references used in the book under the heading of “Recommended Resources.” For anyone who wants to check my sources, or simply find out more about any of the topics mentioned, I have included the complete bibliography starting on this page.

A caution about web-based documents: I list the URL of the sites from which I obtained information when I was working on the book. While the URLs appear in the links, they are not linked to the pages and sites they reference. You can copy the URLs and paste them in your browser. But as anyone who’s been browsing for a while knows, URLs (site addresses) can change faster than the weather. I hope that the addresses work for you, or at least put you in contact with the organization or individual who published the information at the time I was pulling my research together.

Finally, the lists that appear on these pages were taken from the final draft of the manuscript. There may be slight discrepancies between the citations in the actual book and those that appear here.

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