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featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein

Hear Dr. Bluestein in a live—and very lively—presentation in front of more than 200 parents of kids of all ages and stages. You’ll get nearly 2 hours’ worth of simple, practical ideas for building relationships with your kids. This entertaining and dynamic program will change the way you look at your children—whether they’re 2 or 20—and your approach to parenting as well.

Lots of stories and examples to present strategies for dealing with a wide variety of situations and children at different ages. Topics include:

  • Creating a win-win authority relationship with your kids
  • “Magic Sentences” to motivate, build commitment and accountability
  • Motivating cooperation clearly and effectively,
  • Following through to hold kids accountable for their choices
  • Discourage rebellious, passive and destructive behavior
  • Respond to negative behavior and boundary violations without compounding the problem
  • Support your kids when they’re upset
  • Model and teach ways to deal with feelings without hurting or manipulating
  • Help kids set and maintain boundaries with their peers
  • Teach children to attack problems—not people!
  • Appreciate differences in how your children learn and study
  • Reduce stress and conflict in your lives

Lots of humorous examples and practical suggestions to help you create a win-win authority relationship with your children, deal with conflicts before they occur, build responsibility, independence and problem-solving skills, respond to negative behavior without losing your cool, and reduce stress in your relationships with your kids, and other adults, too!

Appropriate for parents and caregivers of children of all ages, these materials will make a great addition to any counseling or parenting resource center.

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Two audio mp3 downloads with the content that had originally been on CDs, $9.95.  

ParentTapes on CD- mp3 download
Nearly 2 hours’ worth of simple, practical ideas for building relationships with your kids. Entertaining and dynamic program for parents and caregivers of children of all ages. Save 40% off regular price of download (50% off regular price of CDs).
Price: $9.95

Note: This product had originally been available on CD. As technology has evolved—and all our CDs sold out—we now offer the same content as a digital download for half the original price.

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