Magic, miracles and synchronicity

Spectrum Podcasts audio linkEpisode Summary: Make a few minutes for gratitude and appreciation today. Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with co-author Judy Lawrence about their book, Magic, Miracles, and Synchronicity, and the various dimensions of gratitude that can enrich your life. Starting with the most basic appreciation of the tangible, concrete blessings and people in our lives to being able to see the blessings in challenges and obstacles we encounter in life, they also discuss practical, specific ways to shift out of fear, stress, and negativity.

Topics include beauty in the environment, an appreciation of behind-the-scenes people and intentions, intuition and guidance, the benefits of service, wishes and dreams, the joy of creation, and perspective and self-appreciation. Recorded prior to the 2012 holiday season to inspire a spirit of reflection and gratitude, this is an uplifting show for any time of the year. Right-click on this link to download a copy of this mp3 file to your hard drive, or click on the bar below to listen.

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lawrence_photoJudy Lawrence, M.S.Ed.

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Judy Lawrence is a Financial Coach with a Masters degree in Counseling. Her book, The Budget Kit: Common Cents Money Management Workbook, has sold over 425,000 copies and has been in print for three decades. She has appeared on CNBC, Style Network, many news networks and more. Her down-to-earth style through her books, coaching and seminars has helped thousands of couples, individuals and small business owners nationwide get out of debt, gain financial control, create a solid, workable financial program and develop a healthy relationship with money, ultimately guiding people towards more financial peace of mind. Judy is also a co-author, with Dr. Jane Bluestein, of Magic, Miracles, and Synchronicity: A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness.

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