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The first version of this website launched in 1997 as a place to share information and resources that would be relevant and helpful to educators, counselors, and parents, and to support and enhance the work I was doing in my presentations and seminars, as well as in my writing and research.

This is the fifth iteration of this site, with a different color scheme, design, and architecture than any previous site, this latest version built to accommodate the rapidly growing site content as well as current protocols and trends in Web design. (To view screen shots of earlier versions of this site, you can see photos in a post about the history of this site.)

It is my intention to offer as much information and resources free of charge to anyone who can benefit from them, and to keep this site free of advertisements indefinitely (or at least for as long as possible). The site does invite donations and contributions to help offset the ongoing costs of training, support, software, hosting, and translation. 

For this current version of the site, it was necessary to hire a developer (bless him!) especially for the set-up challenges I hadn’t encountered before working in a WordPress environment.

Nonetheless, in terms of what you find on these pages, the site is designed and maintained by me, Jane Bluestein* (via Father Sky Graphics) pretty much for lack of reliable or affordable help. With regard to content (and much of the design), whatever you find on this site, for better or worse, is my doing.

*This was true until the current version of the site, designed with the enormous help of web designer, Tom Todd

Let me know…

There are so many ways to mess up a web page, it boggles the mind. I am not only going through and updating existing pages on this site, but I’m pulling content from earlier versions and adding new material. 

As I attempt to reconstruct nearly 700 pages, it’s easy to miss things. The search feature, available on this site for the first time, should help, but if you can’t find something, email me. Likewise, if you find anything that requires my attention—a bad link, a missing ALT tag, a typo, or any weird casualty of cut-and-paste, email me.

Please note, I only respond to notes about specific errors or missing links or photos on specific pages, as opposed to ads for design services or software.


To break up large blocks of text, I originally included a large number of photos. Many of the photos still on this site are ones I’ve taken myself, although there are a few for which I’ve asked for a source. A few others were sent to me in emails or social media, with a handful that will cite their source from other websites.

Years ago, I subscribed to photo services that offered graphics and photos for use in projects like these. I no longer have any paperwork that goes back that far so I’m being cautious and limiting photos I can’t prove I purchased any more. 

Seeing as the main purpose of the site is to provide as much content as possible, I will have to trust the intelligence of my site visitors to tolerate some pretty text-heavy pages. For some visual relief, I am adding “pull quotes” wherever I can to break up the text. 

As I go through this site and update these pages, you may come across missing photos. Please notify me when this happens (please note which page). Likewise if you recognize a photos for which I am seeking a source. 


If you trust me enough to give me your email or other contact information, you can be sure that I will never share this information with anyone. Ever. This includes sign-ups for my newsletter, whether done online or at one of my presentations, or any orders we receive for products for sale on this site. I have had this site since 1997 and a mailing list since well before that, and despite several invitations to share (or sell) my lists, I never have and never will. 

About requests to forward information

I’ve made it a policy for years not to pass on information in batch forwards, no matter how bad my luck is supposed to get if I don’t. If I see or receive something I like, something that feels consistent with the mission of this web site, I will post it (eventually) somewhere on these pages.

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