About the Footer Photos

Years ago, I started taking pictures of kids (infants through early 20s). I currently have images of children from more than 40 countries I’ve visited on six continents. If you come in to a room where I’ll be doing a seminar or presentation, chances are you will see a slide show running before I start, the result of pointing my laptop’s screen saver preference to the file that houses these (and other) photos.

When I was redesigning this site in 2003, I wanted to make my home page as personal as possible. I pulled out a bunch of slides and photos I had taken over the years and the result was a smaller, vertical version of the photobar that appears in the footer at the bottom of every page on this site. (A subsequent site design included a horizontal version with the same photos.)

I wanted to keep the feel from the experiences behind these pictures. Some of the original photos are on these pages, though I’ve added a few from recent trips. The photos in the footer include the following, from left to right:

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Throughout the site, I’ve used a combination of clipart and photos from my own personal collection. And finally, I don’t have many pictures of myself in my classroom from back in the day, but here’s a picture that one of my students took of me that had been in the original photo display. This was in my classroom at Chartiers Elementary School sometime in the mid-1970s.

Jane Bluestein, Pittsburgh, mid-1970s

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