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Update, May 2022: I haven’t sent out a newsletter in something like 3 years, maybe more. I have been waiting for the completion of the new edition of The Perfection Deception to announce the latest book in the Original Reprint Series and close out this portion of my life. 

I suspect that by this point, between the mailing list (for which I have been paying every month for this entire time), the usual changes in work status (promotions, retirement) and the pandemic, will be going to a lot of dead email addresses. But I do feel that the people who have supported me so beautifully over the years deserve a final (?) thank you and goodbye. 

I keep saying that I “never say never,” but while I do plan to keep this site up for at least a few more years and hope to bring out a few of my now out-of-print books, I don’t see many more newsletter once I stop dragging my feet about announcing my retirement, which I’m still having a hard time putting into words. Either way, the newsletter will very likely be the next casualty of this transition. Thanks for the support along the way to anyone who has been following my work in any form.


Original post:

Almost from the moment I started this company in 1983, I’ve received requests for a regular and ongoing source of information related to the topics about which I was writing and speaking. It is almost beyond comprehension that it took nearly 30 years for me to finally get this project off the ground, but that is indeed the case and in May, 2012, I sent off the first of what I hope will be many newsletters!


It is my intention to send out topic-related links, resources, and special offers on a monthly basis. At this time, I am planning on rotating the focus of each newsletter to include information on the following:

  • behavior, motivation, and discipline
  • how kids learn
  • culture and community
  • teaching issues and strategies
  • parenting issues and strategies
  • self-care and inspiration

It is also my intention to offer, in every newsletter, a good bit of free information which will include some combination of articles, book excerpts, interviews, handouts, and podcasts (or other audio or video presentation), as well as links to a featured resource at a special price.

You can sign up for the newsletter where it says “Join our Mailing List” in the box on the right. You can opt out at any time and will not be contacted by this office again.

Past Issues

I sent out my first newsletter in May 2012. Although I will eventually have links to archived issues, all newsletters through at least November 2012 (or possibly December) will refer back to the old Web site. None of the links in any of the old newsletters will work. (If I can figure out a way to forward the links, I will activate the old ones. Otherwise, here are the topics of our first newsletters:

“An Attitude of Gratitude,” November 2012
“Movement and Learning,” October 2012
“Improving Home-School Relationships,” September 2012
“New Teachers, Fresh Starts,” August 2012
“Building Community and Getting Along,” July 2012
“Summer Vacation and Responsibility,” June 2012
“Behavior Management,” May 2012

You can count on seeing more on all of the above topics in the future. If you would like information about a specific newsletter that is not currently archived, please contact our office.

Please note: Because the URLs on this site are all different from the addresses on the previous site, many of the links in the show notes will not work until the links are updated (and the corresponding posts generated). This could take some time. Rest assured that I am scrambling to get all 20 of the new PDFs done and uploaded.

Get on the List

If you would like to receive the newsletter, either contact our office with your request, or enter your email address in the “Join Our Mailing List” form on the right side of the bottom of any page of this site. The newsletter is free and your privacy will be respected. (See below.)


I have always maintained a policy that any names and email addresses I collect will remain in my possession and only to be used for the purpose of announcing new projects, products, and resources, or to solicit feedback or input on new projects. I have never shared this information for any purpose with any outside agency and never will.

The lists

Nearly all of the 5000 or so names in my initial mailing list came from events where people signed up to receive mailings, from emails and correspondences I’ve received, from business cards I’ve been given, or from referrals or lists. If you receive an email with this newsletter, there is a very good chance that you contacted me at some point or that you participated in a seminar or program at which I spoke and added your name to a sign-up sheet that went around there.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, click here to send an email. Likewise if you wish to receive your newsletter at a different address than the one to which it is currently being sent. Many thanks in advance.

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