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For much of my professional career, I have been responsible for doing much of the design and layout for everything from handouts and advertisements to books we’ve published under I.S.S. Publications, an original division of my company, Instructional Support Services (and later, Instructional Support Services, Inc.). Personal computing and desktop publishing made it possible to do more in house, attempting certain projects that previously would not have been feasible.

As Web design and ePublishing continue to evolve, I’m finding it necessary— both for the quality of the projects and for my sanity— to hire people with skills beyond my own. Nonetheless, over the years, a lot of the work involved in my Web sites and various print projects has, for lack of affordable or reliable help, ended up in my lap.

Although I am increasingly farming out the labor and talent involved in new projects, Father Sky Graphics is the part of Instructional Support Services, Inc. responsible for the graphics you’ll find on this site, as well as in many of the products and resources you’ll find on this site. Any items I’ve developed during the first three decades of this company’s history as well as future projects that demand in-house design work will be created under the auspices of Father Sky Graphics.

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