On the Road

It’s been a blast, though I often awaken in the middle of the night with absolutely no idea where I am… Lots of new territory, and while I’m no longer “commuting” to Slovenia every year, I was invited to speak in Finland—my first time in Scandinavia, with side trips to St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tallinn, Estonia. Spectacular!

By far, my most challenging week included two days in Helsinki with back-to-back programs in Virginia Beach and Seattle. Yikes!

Cooking up a new book to go along with my workshop on “Dealing with Difficult Students.” No publisher yet. Stay tuned.

My schedule is up-to-date and posted on this site. Check to see when I’ll be in your area.

Geek Cruise

As a Mac user since 1984, I jumped at the chance to go on a week-long MacMania cruise up the inside passage of Alaska. I’ve been all over the world, and have been to Anchorage several times, and still, what I saw on this trip blew my socks off.

I also loved the seminars offered on this cruise and, more so, the people running them. Excellent, knowledgeable instructors (if you’ve got any software books or ever read MacWorld, you know who they are), gracious with their time and information, and able to work with participants who ranged in experience and ability from people who are doing some pretty basic stuff to pioneers and propeller-heads who live and breathe computers 24/7.

Amazing experience, in part because there were some pretty geeky Star Trek cast members on this and the following cruise, and I got a couple great pictures to prove it!

FYI: The next cruise is out of Honolulu on June 1, 2003 and it’s entirely appropriate for educators who want to get more out of their Macs. You may even be able to use the hours for your recertification (check your local or state boards). Big fun. I highly recommend it as an exceptional educational, social and recharging experience.

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