August 31, 2001

I finished the book, Creating Emotionally Safe Schools, on December 31, 2000. I was determined to not carry this project, which consumed my life for nearly two years, into the new year. (In the original plan, I was going to submit a completed draft in six months. Hahaha!)

The book has already enjoyed some terrific reviews and I’m delighted with the way it turned out.

Major media event: An interview on CNN on Tuesday, August 28, 2001! A lovely experience and a terrific interview by Lou Waters and Natalie Allen.

Other highlights of the past 14 months include:

Making a very tough decision to stop distributing books for the 50 or so publishers whose books we’ve been carrying for the past several years. We are, instead, going to focus on my books, videos, and other resources. With so many new items out, this is a still a pretty hefty catalogue. We will continue to sell our remaining stock at a discount until all books are gone, although we expect to be out of this part of the business completely by Spring 2002.

A wonderful partnership with Jim Thompson and Quality Education Media—they’re the ones who develop, produce, and distribute my videos. Big blessings in my life!

Working with the Bureau of Education and Research. Delightful people who have done much to enhance my visibility and the quality of my work.

A number of computer classes—trying to stay on top of software developments is always a challenge.

An eighth trip to Slovenia for work, followed by our first real vacation in years: a Eurail trip to Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Dresden, and Brussels—relaxing and fun!

My goals for the next few months include:

Promoting the new book and videos!

Learning HTML and tightening up this Web site! (I figure that after developing and maintaining a 150-page Web site, it’s time to learn what I’m doing!)

Setting up a links page (If you’ve got a good one, let me know!)

Adding some new articles and handouts—eventually in PDF format!

Replacing my overheads with a PowerPoint presentation

Continuing my Studio work—crafts for sanity! (This part of the site needs work, but you’ll get the idea…)

Cleaning out closets, files, drawers… an on-going process!

As always I look forward to hearing from visitors to this site. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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