Feb. 21, 1999

Well, 1999 has gotten off to a wonderful start. I’ve spent much of that time here at home—a nice change after being on the road so much last year—finishing up projects I’ve been wanting to get done.

The Catalogue

Our new catalogue is at the printer’s right now. Months of work well spent on putting together a collection of some of the best materials available. I’m proud of this catalogue, which continues to grow both in quality and size!

The Website

Also, about two years ago, I had a wonderful web designer put together the first version of my website. Unfortunately, he was swamped with other projects and had to quit before it was finished. Attempts to have other people finish the site just sort of fizzled for one reason or another, and it quickly became clear that it was time for me to learn how to do this myself!

No problem! I love learning—and doing—stuff like this! Besides, I needed to learn how to maintain and update the site anyhow, so this learning was valuable.

I’ve used some of the original design features from the first site but anything else you see here is pretty much my doing, for better or worse! I suspect this site will continue to grow, with new pages (like a newsletter or question-and-answer column, featuring my work and the work of other wonderful authors and speakers) and new links to sites I like. I’d love to know what you think—any ideas, suggestions or feedback are welcome.

My Writing

After a few week’s hiatus from writing, I’m ready to start cranking out some new articles. I’ll keep you posted on other projects I take on—once this site is up and running.

In the meantime, I’ll share an article with you that I wrote last fall. It’s a tribute to my kindergarten teacher, inspired by a number of authors now writing books about teachers who have made a difference (not unlike Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor!) I’m excited about all the support, appreciation and validation for teachers that’s starting to emerge!

My Studio Work

And finally, I’m still spending as much time as I can in my new studio (I started Father Sky Studios more or less officially last fall!) or doing craftswork wherever I can, mainly beading and some fiber arts as well. I’ve been taking more classes and learning as many beading techniques as I can. You can see some of my work in the bead gallery. It’s been a great way to maintain some balance in my life, and helps me stay focused and grounded in the other work I do. (Note, Feb. 2019: The Father Sky Studios somehow disappeared and is in the process of being rebuilt, although currently on a back burner.)

More soon. I want to get this site much more complete before I “publish” it, which is the next thing I need to learn. (However, if you’re reading this, then I must have figured it out!!)

July 1, 1999

What I’ve been up to?

…up to my ears is more like it. In early June, I met with my publisher (HCI) and have plans for two, maybe three new books, the first of which will be called Creating Emotionally Safe Schools(Note, Feb. 2019: The original title was listed as Is Your School an Emotionally Safe Place?) I’m collecting comments, ideas, suggestions, and personal experiences from a number of sources, including my wonderful website visitors.

I’m very excited about my upcoming visits to New Zealand and Australia this fall. It will be my first visit to each place! I’m looking for schools and/or parent groups in either place… as long as I’m in town (Auckland, NZ and Sydney/Canberra in Australia), you know?

In the middle to my visit “down under,” I’m shuttling off for a few days to return to Singapore to work with my friends at the Association of Muslim Professionals and do a booksigning at their local Borders, I believe. Guess I’ll be spending lots of time on planes again after the luxury of being home for the past few months.

Lots of fun work in the US and Canada, and maybe even another trip (#6) to Slovenia, if I can squeeze it in. (If not, how about early 2000?)

There are a few other possible projects, maybe even new directions, on the horizon. And of course there’s more to come on this website as I slowly learn the intricacies of this new software (upgraded to Adobe GoLive 4.0). I’ll keep you posted!

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